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Euterpe Baroque Consort

The Greek God Apollo was often accompanied by the nine muses.They were the daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus. One of them was Euterpe, the joyous muse of music and lyrical poetry.


The Euterpe Baroque Consort was established by artistic leader Bart Rodyns in 2007. Professional singers, soloists and musicans are members of this flexible ensemble interpreting fascinating Baroque music in a historical way.


Quickly they were invited to play in large festivals like Flanders Festival, Musica Divina, Cloppenburger Kultursommer, MuziekpodiumZeeland, 

Fort4 classic, Museumnight Antwerp, Festival der Voorkempen enz.

The ensemble played  'Klara in het Paleis 2008 and 2009', both live broadcasted. For the Flemish classical radio they performed Biber’s Missa Bruxelensis (23 parts) and they created a new Stabat Mater by Hawar Tawfiq with Capella Pratensis (Stabat Mater Stichting Oirschot)


Recently their first CD was released featuring organconcertos of Handel & Corrette.                                      



Organ / Harpsichord / Artistic leader : Bart Rodyns

Sopranos: Sarah Van Mol, Lore Binon, Laurence Servaes

Violin: Maia Silberstein (CM), Martine Beernaert, Annelies Decock
Viola: Esther van der Eijk
Cello: Tine Van Parys, Herlinde Verheyden
Double bass: Lode Leire

As with any program this group can be reduced or expanded...



“…For me, the highlight of this whole Klara day was the high-quality performance of the Euterpe baroque ensemble. They knew how to combine great professional skills with a deliberate and well-chosen fragility…” (Knack, Klara in ’t Paleis, BOZAR, Un florelegio della musica Italiana 2008)


“…The Consort is an example for all baroque ensembles. Euterpe is not only striving for perfection, its members listen carefully to each other and play accordingly. The performance was full of dynamics and good taste. Euterpe’s playing was truly appealing with nothing being left to chance: all ornaments were right, the phrasing was precise and the agogic perfect. In other words, this concert was a pure pleasure for the ear and a delightful moment of warmth and relaxation…”

(PZC NL, J.Vergouwen, Ospedale della Pieta, Muziekpodium Zeeland Veere NL 2013)


“…Still there was a link between the Gregorian and Kurdish sound universes, in their shared purity, sense of infinity, power to stir and respectfulness. The latter term also applied to the deeply focused performance of the Euterpe Baroque Consort and Capella Pratensis…”

(Eindhovens Dagblad, Stabat Mater’s – Creation H. Tawfiq & Pergolesi, Stabat Mater Oirschot Foundation 2013)


“…During the interludes, I actually experienced a gentle wink and friendly smile to the soul. The applause was never-ending, which put a satisfied smile on all performers’ faces. It was a well-deserved ovation, as I felt I had witnessed, on that Sunday, April 1st, something ‘Flemish of incredible beauty’.”

(Nieuwsblad, F. Verbiest, Antwerp, Bach’s Motets 2012)


“… The future of this ensemble is undoubtedly paved with success. Euterpe stands for baroque perfection in the purest sense of the word ‘baroque’, and not only in its 2010 meaning. The continuo organ, strings and winds form a well-balanced whole that follows with great attention to detail every single indication given by the conductor. This results in a wealth of musicality in all its forms…”

(Klassiek Centraal, Sint-Niklaas, Haydn program 2010)


“Transparent Four Seasons... The big surprise was M. Corrette’s Organ Concerto. The virtuoso dialogue between Euterpe BC and the soloist sounded absolutely convincing. The dances were lively and cheerful. All in all, a delightful interpretation!"

(Zeeuwse Courant, Four Seasons, Jacobskerk Vlissingen 2012)

Artistic leader Bart Rodyns

Bart Rodyns began his musical career at the Academy of Music in Lier, where he collected several prizes at a young age. He studied organ and harpsichord with Dieter Van Handenhoven. Later he studied at the Music Conservatories of Antwerp and Maastricht. His principal teachers were Dorthy de Rooij, Hans Leenders, Joris Verdin and Marcel Verheggen. He concluded his studies with a Master of Musician Organ and Theory with the highest distinction. He followed master classes with Naji Hakim(F) and Andrea Marcon (I).


Bart won several prizes at international competitions in Birmingham and Leiden, and in Belgium (Brussels, Halle and Kortrijk). He has made recordings for the Belgian, Dutch, French, Danish and Hungarian radio and was nominated for Klara’s Music Award 2010. He plays concerts all over Europe and the USA.


The vocal and instrumental ensemble Euterpe Baroque Consort of which Bart is the artistic leader and keyboardplayer, interprets authentic music on historical instruments. With this ensemble he played important concerts for Flanders Festival and radio Klara. Together with the tenor Jan Van Elsacker he established the ensemble Il Trionfo. He is the preferred keyboard player of Wim Becu’s ensemble Oltremontano. And at the end of 2013 he re-established the historical ensemble The Party (1860) in wich he plays the pressure reed organ, with soprano Hendrickje van Kerckhove, violinist Eliot Lawson and double bass player Lode Leire.


Bart Rodyns also collects historical keyboards, including harpsichords (replica of Ruckers and Delin), 2 continuo organs (Jos Moors 2012 & Skrabl 2013), an Erard square piano (1803), a Mustel Kunstharmonium (1928) and some 19th century reed organs (Debain and Alexandre). He is also appointed as organist of theForceville organ (ca.1720) at Broechem.


His repertoire includes music from the Renaissance up to contemporary music.

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